Effective Date January 1st, 2020

Energy Efficiency  Compliance

Fresh Start Energy can assess your current energy usage and recommend efficient upgrades to save you up to 75% of your current energy usage through L.E.D. lighting and S.M.A.R.T technology lighting controls. These upgrades can help your home or business meet the new CA. TITLE 24 Energy Compliance Rules. Call to schedule your free consultation today!

How Much Energy Can We Save?

With the new energy standards and rooftop solar electricity generation, a single-family home can save up to 53% less energy.  Over three years, this is the same as taking 115,000 fuel burning cars off the road. 

For commercial buildings, 30% less energy will be used just by upgrading the lighting to LED low energy products.  

Invest now for future heating, cooling and lighting savings.

The 2019 Energy Standards

Issued by the Califronia Energy Commission | Efficiency Division

Free no obligation energy consultation available

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